How Much Does A Barista Make?

Working as a Barista at the world-re-known Starbucks is a unique privilege indeed. Baristas, which is Italian for “Bartender”, or “‘Bartenders”, invaluable aid to the millions of Starbucks customers throughout the world.

In order to become a barista at Starbucks, one has to first go online to fill out an application. If accepted, they can work in one of the many Starbucks coffee cafes/restaurants in their area.

New employees are usually started off as part-timers, if they do well, then their position can well become full-time. Being a barista is an ideal job for a student who goes to college for instance; in fact, most Starbucks baristas tend to be young college students.

How much can a barista be paid? Much can depend on their level of experience. New baristasin the United States starts out with at least $8.00 an hour, USD, and if they are good, their pay can increase.

There are Starbucks all over the world, as indicated earlier, so pay rates can vary from country to country, according to local customs.
But all in all, most Starbucks employees seems to be very happy and content at their work. And so are its many satisfied customers. A customer can be assured that when they walk into a Starbucks, they will be served good, quality-made coffee, lattes or teas at a reasonable price and that they will be treated with courtesy, professionalism and respect.

Perhaps you are interested in a career at the world-famous Starbucks. If you are, then you in for a real treat. As mentioned earlier, all one has to do is to go online to its website to fill out an online application. If Starbucks thinks you have what it takes for this business, they will call you in for an interview.

If you are hired, you will be a bona fide Starbucks employee, in which you will be provided with its company uniform with its unique logo.

Once there, you will have a vista of opportunities. If you are good, and the Starbucks management is satisfied with your performance, you could well become a manager of your own Starbucks cafe/restaurant.

Starbucks has helped numerous persons to rise to success in the company. Some who started out as baristas have advanced even to an executive level. One day in the very near future, that could be you.

Starbucks is helping many persons to achieve their dreams and goals of being a barista-and beyond. Perhaps it can do the same for you.

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