How do I Become a Barista?

A Barista is a highly sought after career choice these days. A professional Barista can make quite a lucrative career for themselves if they are properly trained and enjoy working with and for the public. A Barista doesn’t just make a good cup of Joe but they deliver many levels of taste complexity in a cup.

Training is usually carried out at the place of employment when one is hired. Usually, a professional Barista trains the new employees on the proper procedures and steps to create coffee creations that customers will rave over. The basics of Barista training include proper procedure to keep all equipment clean. This is an extremely important skill because repeated use can make the machines dirty and no one wants to order an espresso from machines that look dirty and unkempt!

Another important part of training involves selecting the correct coffee beans. One can’t make a good cup of coffee without knowing what beans to use and how to correctly grind them. The Barista will learn different tamping methods and mixing and blending techniques to provide different taste experiences for their customers. It is also essential that the Barista learn how to properly roast the beans to achieve maximum taste and quality.
Another important piece of the training puzzle is to learn how to interact with customers. The customer needs to be treated with respect and the Barista needs to “read” the customer to find out what their likes and dislikes are so that they can provide great service. Some customers will come in knowing exactly what they want but many customers won’t and it’s the Barista’s job to formulate the best concoction to meet the customer’s taste.

If one is not employed or just wants to further their skills in coffee making, there are training classes offered in many cities across America. These schools can offer more than traditional coffee house training by giving the student more one-on-one attention. The student can be given more time to perfect their skills without the commotion and distraction of a customer-filled shop. There is a cost involved when training outside of employment and this can vary greatly depending on the type of class that one chooses. It is well worth the time and effort spent to educate and thoroughly train before starting employment as a Barista. The more knowledge one has, the further this career will take them.

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